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Meta Idol™ aims to create a Japanese Anime and Metaverse using NFT's


"Save your favorite Idol from the world"

In an age when VR and AR are all over the city and meta-verses that fuse these technologies have become commonplace.
One day, a new producer, who is at the mercy of the idol candidates, is approached by a girl he recognizes from somewhere.

She said, "Would you be my producer ......?

The one who approached him is an elementary school idol, Natsuna Chataro.
She says she is "from the future," and that in the near future according to her story, this idol agency will be disbanded in.
Moreover, it seems that each of the idols will meet an unfortunate fate...

"Please... Save my idols!"


Produce your own idols. 

Every idol NFT card is unique!
Welcome your own idol!

About the METAIDOL Project

This project is a collaboration of members who love 2D idol content,
and we've started this project to create the best Idol metaverse project.

We carefully drew our ideal idols, and METAIDOL collection was born.
Welcome your very own idol and become a member of our community!


Hello MetaIdol Fans and Producers!
Sorry this took a while but we wanted to share our roadmap to share our vision for this project.

Roadmap Concept
We want to bump up the value and popularity of METAIDOL NFT!
-Your MetaIdol will be advertised in Akihabara! -

METAIDOL is pleased to designate this sale as "Gen1" in order to promote the project.

The concept of Gen1 is "Bump up the value and popularity of METAIDOL Project!"
In this roadmap, we will boost METAIDOL's popularity and NFT value according to the number of METAIDOL's minted!

Number minted: 300
-We will create a METAIDOL theme song! Composed by a professional composer!
-We will hold auditions for singers (idol voice actors who sing)!
Voting will be held exclusively for NFT holders!

Number minted: 600
We will make a music video (motion graphics) for METAIDOL! The music video will be set to the theme song we produced.
 We will distribute it on YouTube and Twitter!

Video reference example: Idol Connectプレビュー

Number minted: 900

The highlight of this roadmap! Akihabara Advertisement Promotion!

METAIDOL's for all holders will appear in AKIHABARA! (stations, streets, stores, etc.!)

1111 METAIDOL's will be displayed in a large ad space!
Your METAIDOL's value will be enhanced through advertising measures!

Each idol in the ad will have a QR code that will allow you to view the details of your idol NFT on the spot! Plus, you can even purchase NFTs from that link!

Thanks for joining our journey until here, We hope you enjoy our METAIDOL project!


Chataro Natsuna

A 12-year-old elementary school idol.
According to her, she came from 10 years in the future.
She has recently shown a dizzying array of talent, including singing, dancing, and acting.
She used to be known as an innocent troublemaker , but has a careless side.
However, she has recently calmed down and is gaining a reputation in the industry as an idol who is easy to handle.
Her former agency has dissolved, and she is now freelance.

Aki Asashima

A 17-year-old idol candidate.
She is mischievous and mischievousand has an abundant spirit of service to his fans.
Her prince-like demeanor makes her popular with the ladies, and even before her debut, she already has a large fan base as a promising new idol.
She is extremely thrifty and likes to save money, so she is also called the prince of the common people.
Although she usually displays a relaxed attitude, she is vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances, which is one of the reasons why she is so well-liked.


Project Leader

Comment:Please take care of our cute idols! I like "THE iDOLM@STER", "LOVE LIVE! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club. Lurks in Akihabara a lot.

Quality control and illustrator

I hope to bring healing and warmth to everyone's heart. I like Nigori Umeshu (Japanese plum wine) on the rocks.


Please find your favorite idol! I like idol games and comedy.

Please love your own idol! I love games and movies.


Please love your own idol! I love games and movies.

Future Vision

Meta-idol aims to go beyond animations, into the Metaverse to create the best idol content. Meta-idol will realize the Metaverse game with a long-term roadmap.
In the initial stage, we plan to develop a cute 2DCG metaverse as shown in the image below!
Build a live house where idols sing!